That moment when $100 only feels like 100 pennies..

Every birthday since I was born, it was somewhat of a precedent that I was given $100 dollars from my grandparents, as does every other of their grand kids, and they all had for all their previous birthdays. I guess it became a tradition. This little chunk of change was also dispersed to each grand kid at Christmas too.

I remember being about 6 or 7 and every year I would look so forward to my birthday, not because of cake and having a day that was primarily all about me me me, but because I was allowed to take that huge $100 bill straight to Toys-R-Us and buy whatever I wanted.

It was the best thing ever. Just getting a hundred dollars to do whatever you wanted with and not having to worry about feeling guilty or dealing with the repercussions of needing it for something else. It was completely blissful.

The more recent years, however, the money wasn’t as blissful as it was a necessity. During college, my birthday always fell on spring break (early March), which was coincidentally always around the same time I started needing money again.

So instead of blowing that $100 on frivolous items like clothes accessories, it would go right into my checking account to support my degenerate habits (i.e. alcohol, uber fare, food, miscellaneous items). Somehow I would basically blow the hundred in about a week, but I wasn’t spending it all in one place, technically.

Still, I always looked forward to that hundred every march, but each year it played a different part in my life and was usually spent differently after I stopped buying toys.

Well, now that I’m out of college, I don’t get that money for my birthday anymore, we now get scratch offs, which is still really cool- thanks grandma!

But now, that hundred dollars would barely help me. $100 at this age is basically equivalent to $1. Womp womp.

Receiving a hundred dollars today and the though process that goes with it goes somewhat like this…

$25 can go towards this credit card,

I owe so and so $17,

My parents need $25 for my phone in 2 weeks,

I’m running low on gas, so I’ll set aside $15 for that,

& the remaining $18 can be put towards dinner tonight with my friends.

It still feels pretty awesome to make $100 in a shift or getting it as a gift, but it disappears within days! There’s so much more to pay for now that your only priority isn’t what toy to buy with your birthday money.

I know I’m not the only one who has these same thoughts about money either. Girls especially. Sometimes my thought processes are so ridiculous when it comes too my expenses..

“I really want my nails done, but I also shouldn’t spend my money on that, but if I just get the regular manicure it’s only $8 as opposed to the $13 gel manicure I’m making myself sick over thinking about..”

“Do I get Natty because it’s only $17 or do I splurge for the $20 case of Bud Light?”

*looks through abundant amount of clothes* “I really need to get a shirt for going out tonight, maybe I can find something for $20”

“My credit card bill is due September 21st, which means I have 7-10 business days to pay it, so I won’t mail it until the 11th, therefore the $25 won’t come out of my account for another few days.”

So, yea. Expenses and finances are pretty annoying at this age, but just remember you’re not the only one who thinks these things or cries over their bank statement.

It won’t always be like this, remember that. One day $100 will only feel like 100 pennies, oh and in the best way possible. 🙂



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Megan Keough

20something blogger from Philly voicing my thoughts on the real world, life after college and the trials and tribulations of adulting.

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