Keep Turning the Pages

Reading is quite possibly one of my favorite things to do. For pleasure, that is. I absolutely despise reading textbooks or academic articles, on the contrary that they aren’t boring. Or deal with problem solving, which I never understood how math teachers expect you to learn algebraic equations and impossible calculus problems from reading a $300 USED textbook in college. But, whatever.

Anyway, reading for me has always been relaxing and consuming, somewhat of an escape to my own world. It’s certainly a distraction, if the book is that good, from everything I need to be taken away from. I love the feeling of reading a book so good that you physically can’t put it down because all you’ll be thinking about until you pick it up again is what happens next. A book I read this summer, which most of you reading this can probably relate to, was The Girl on the Train. Oh My God. I was reading pages literally any chance I got. I can’t wait for it to come out in theaters in a few shirt weeks!

It upsets me that reading isn’t as big a hobby and leisure activity as it was a few decades ago. With the advancements in technology and cinema and TV, it has been a slowly decreasing fad. But with that, the physical design and structure of a book has also changed and been transformed into digital form available for downloads on an array of different tablets and kindles. But for me, I’ll always prefer the physical copy of a book over the digital alternative.

Remember ‘Campbell’s Soup, It’s Good for the Soul‘? Well  I think reading is good for the soul. It exercises the mind, it relaxes you, it’s a good way to put you to sleep at night, and even in fictional books, there’s always something to learn within the text of a book. Whether it’s a fact about history, geography, health, sex, religion, culture- there’s always a good chance there’s something within the lines of a book that you didn’t know before opening it. And sure, you can say the same about movies and TV, but with the amount of time a day we’re all spending staring at computer and phone screens, don’t you think it’s a good idea to take a break from the white screen?


I’m in the middle of reading a book called ‘The Little Paris Bookshop‘ by Nina George which tells the story of man in France who owns his own bookshop, but he isn’t just selling books. Physically, yes he is, but every book he sells, he sells it with purpose. He believes that books can heal people and they’re a form of medication to those who need it. Whether someone is struggling with a break up, a loss, trouble at work or school, etc, he always has the perfect remedy for those seeking it. Check it out!

So, if you find yourself having some free time and need a break from reality, pick up a book, or read some blogs or articles of your interest, and learn something new! Fall in love with characters and indulge yourself in a story line, relate, sympathize, and laugh with the characters! Escape to a world that doesn’t exist, because half the time that’s all half of us are really wishing for. A place to just take a break from the reality of everything happening around us. Keep turning the pages and refer the book to a friend once you’re done and keep the cycle going.

Also, for any boys reading this that think reading is lame, then I guess you’re lame too, because you reading this qualifies as reading!


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Megan Keough

20something blogger from Philly voicing my thoughts on the real world, life after college and the trials and tribulations of adulting.

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