F is for Friends That Do Stuff Together

Being a friend is one of the greatest and most rewarding title we’ll ever receive and experience in our lives. And I don’t mean the kind of friend that you talk to occasionally or just catch up when you randomly run into them or someone you only know every detail of their life because of social media accounts. I’m talking about the friends that you call to vent about your nagging and persistent parents, pick up and walk aimlessly around target to kill time and chat, share the excitement of a new crush, and the ones that you ask ‘what are we doing tonight?’ not ‘what are you doing tonight?’.

In grade school, and even high school sometimes, everyone is your ‘friend’. And although I think it’s possible to have several acquaintances and close allies, a friend is more than just someone you drink with on the weekends, swap gossip stories with, and only catch up with them when it’s convenient for one or the other. This of course happens in college too, but towards the end of your four year journey, you slowly begin to realize who’s always been there for you and always will. Sometime it’s a gut feeling, sometimes it’s an incident of trust, and sometimes it’s just as clear as day.

I would rather have a few good friends that I can count on one hand than a bunch of fake friends who would drop me faster than a hot potato. I want someone that’s going to bail my ass out of jail if I ever get that reckless, call me a cab when I’m too drunk, will let me tell them the same story over and over again because it makes me feel better, and will be there for me through all the good and the bad.

Some people judge how popular a person is or how many friends they have based on how many likes they get, or how many birthday wishes they receive, but in my eyes what really matters is who is in the pictures next to someone, sharing in their lives, and who was there to celebrate their birthday.

Unfortunately throughout our lives we’re going to lose friends who we thought were lifers, and sometimes it may be our fault, and other times it’ll be theirs, or it may just be because two people grew apart and went separate ways. And that’s okay. It’s upsetting to lose a friend, but if they’re not in your life anymore, I’m sure there’s a good reason why. It’s hard to accept this sometimes, but the reality is that you might be better off without them. Some people aren’t always meant to be in your life forever, and if they are, they’ll come back one day.

Don’t abuse a friendship or take it for granted or only appreciate it at your convenience, because it’s too important to treat in such a selfish way. And if you abuse it too many times or ask for too many second chances, the door to that person will close and when you may need it the most, it won’t be there anymore.

Maybe the best things in life really are free. I know money can sure as hell bring a lot of happiness, but so can friendship, family, and love. And when times are tough, you need friends to help get you by. Having someone to share in your happiness, successes, failures, stresses, and everything in between is a gift and I am blessed to welcome this gift everyday.

So who makes you laugh the most? Who’s company do you genuinely enjoy? Who’s someone you trust with every ounce of your being? Who’s been there for you time and time again? If you have people that come to mind when thinking about this, don’t ever let them go, you just won the jackpot.

Thank you to my good friends reading this, you know who you are!


I could be rich, or at least not broke if I wasn’t such a degenerate

Where is Ed McMahon when you need him? I could use a fat check in my name delivered to me right about now- student loans, car insurance, phone bill, credit card bills (my own fault), and just every day living expenses. Seriously, how does anyone afford to live if you weren’t already born into money?


The system is ass backwards. It’s almost frowned upon if you don’t attend some sort of collegiate institution after high school, but for us that do, who think we’re doing the right thing for our parents and for ourselves in the long run, we’re the ones that are just frowning after the four years are up.

College: 4 of the most expensive years of your life where you generally take 120 credits of bullshit, except for the 5 or 6 classes that actually focus on your major, that usually don’t even happen until your fourth year. And all of the stress of tests and papers and finances, and of course all of the dreaded presentations, is all for one small piece of paper that basically says ” Hi, I’m the idiot who just cried every night for  four years, blacked out every weekend to forget all my weekday problems, which then turned into the weekday problems, gained weight, and went to 40 different classes to basically remember nothing from them, and guess what? I paid $60,000 for all of this.”  Keep in mind that this piece of paper is in a language that the average person can’t even read.

4 years and 1 expensive piece of paper later, and I still have no idea what I want to do. The worst part is that those four years of being a degenerate have just formed me into being a bigger degenerate, just with more debt.

See the problem?

It’s incredibly hard to save money right now. Between all the monthly payments I have to make that I mentioned before, I also mentioned the costs of everyday living aka my inner alcoholic, shopping addict, and food lover.

It’s honestly a vicious cycle. All week I can tell myself I’m going to stay in this weekend to save money and how nice it’ll be to take a weekend off and detox my body, catch up on some sleep, and just relax. Then Friday comes along… Around 4 o’clock I get ancy and realize how much I don’t want to sit in and how bored I’m going to be, with the occasional wave of FOMO that could be experienced. Then I take the plunge and start sending out the “What are you doing tonight?” texts to my friends and just like that, I’m spending $50.

Then on Sunday I’m hating myself for all the money I spent on drinks, ubers and hangover food, but on Monday I’m having the same attitude about not going out the following weekend then Friday comes..you get the point.


I’ve always chose happiness over money, but I think soon I have to go with the money. I’ve accepted that I might have to work a job I don’t necessarily love for a year or two and then hopefully be able to afford to go back to school for something I’m more interested in, which will obviously just put me further into the hole, but it’s okay, I can defer my undergrad loans while in grad school haha. And if I really have to start going out less on the weekends to save, I think I can do it, I’m not a complete alcoholic.




I’m gonna go to the gym… The most common lie among college students

The dreaded thought of the gym.

But also, the dreaded sight of my body in the mirror after four years of binge drinking, binge watching, eating out, cafeteria food, etc.

College is over, time to actually follow through with what I said the first week of freshmen year, “I’m gonna go to the gym later today”, and actually fucking go.

Having to actually exert a lot of energy at one time, sweat and feel like you’re dying…. sounds fun. And while you’re dying, the feeling of  regret for ever getting up off your comfy couch and wishing you were back there snacking on your salt and vinegar chips. But then, you get to a certain point during your work out when the burn actually feels good, and by the time you’re done you pat yourself on the back for dragging your ass to that gym and each day from then on gets a little bit easier… Eventually…Hopefully.

In college, it was really hard to keep up a good habit of going to the gym between classes, meetings, work, homework and having a social life- at the end of the day, all I wanted was my bed and a good episode of Friends. It’s also impossible to avoid gaining weight or trying to lose weight when you fall into the peer pressure of your roommates and friends to “let’s just order pizza tonight” or “just skip your 8 am tomorrow and get drunk”. And although I’m still really tired at the end of every day now, I know that I need to convince myself to go.


I’m not saying I gained so much weight in college that I’ve become unrecognizable, but I sure as hell was a lot tinier and fit four years ago, and honestly, more comfortable in my body. And I’m really good about eating right, with the exception of my cheat days that turn into cheat weekends, but the thought of consistently going to the gym is a dreaded one.

I’m 22, the time of my life where I should be in my prime, and I felt way hotter at 18 than I do now. Unfortunate to say the least.

I’m definitely (trying) drinking less, eating better, on a better sleeping schedule, and less lazy than I was the past four years, so the next habit I need to get into is going to the gym at least four times a week. Lose at least a couple pounds, so I can start feeling like myself again, in the physical aspect.

I know that I can force myself to do it, it’s just gonna take a lot of convincing and debating in my head. “You do not need to watch another episode, you don’t need to lay on your bed any longer, you’ll feel better once you’re done” Blah, Blah, Blah.


Personally, I find it easier to go to the gym when you have someone else that’s in the same boat as you. It’s a little more motivation to go and more fun to work out with a buddy. And it’s easier when you have someone other than yourself forcing you to go.

So, to anyone reading this with similar thoughts and feelings, girl or guy, force yourself to go! I know I’m not the only one who thought they were going to be die hard gym freaks in college, and was never gonna be one of those girls who fell into the Freshmen 15- Don’t lie to yourself.  We’re as young as we’re ever going to be, and you know what they say, Look Good, Feel Good. As much as I hate that saying, it’s so damn true.