F is for Friends That Do Stuff Together

Being a friend is one of the greatest and most rewarding title we’ll ever receive and experience in our lives. And I don’t mean the kind of friend that you talk to occasionally or just catch up when you randomly run into them or someone you only know every detail of their life because of social media accounts. I’m talking about the friends that you call to vent about your nagging and persistent parents, pick up and walk aimlessly around target to kill time and chat, share the excitement of a new crush, and the ones that you ask ‘what are we doing tonight?’ not ‘what are you doing tonight?’.

In grade school, and even high school sometimes, everyone is your ‘friend’. And although I think it’s possible to have several acquaintances and close allies, a friend is more than just someone you drink with on the weekends, swap gossip stories with, and only catch up with them when it’s convenient for one or the other. This of course happens in college too, but towards the end of your four year journey, you slowly begin to realize who’s always been there for you and always will. Sometime it’s a gut feeling, sometimes it’s an incident of trust, and sometimes it’s just as clear as day.

I would rather have a few good friends that I can count on one hand than a bunch of fake friends who would drop me faster than a hot potato. I want someone that’s going to bail my ass out of jail if I ever get that reckless, call me a cab when I’m too drunk, will let me tell them the same story over and over again because it makes me feel better, and will be there for me through all the good and the bad.

Some people judge how popular a person is or how many friends they have based on how many likes they get, or how many birthday wishes they receive, but in my eyes what really matters is who is in the pictures next to someone, sharing in their lives, and who was there to celebrate their birthday.

Unfortunately throughout our lives we’re going to lose friends who we thought were lifers, and sometimes it may be our fault, and other times it’ll be theirs, or it may just be because two people grew apart and went separate ways. And that’s okay. It’s upsetting to lose a friend, but if they’re not in your life anymore, I’m sure there’s a good reason why. It’s hard to accept this sometimes, but the reality is that you might be better off without them. Some people aren’t always meant to be in your life forever, and if they are, they’ll come back one day.

Don’t abuse a friendship or take it for granted or only appreciate it at your convenience, because it’s too important to treat in such a selfish way. And if you abuse it too many times or ask for too many second chances, the door to that person will close and when you may need it the most, it won’t be there anymore.

Maybe the best things in life really are free. I know money can sure as hell bring a lot of happiness, but so can friendship, family, and love. And when times are tough, you need friends to help get you by. Having someone to share in your happiness, successes, failures, stresses, and everything in between is a gift and I am blessed to welcome this gift everyday.

So who makes you laugh the most? Who’s company do you genuinely enjoy? Who’s someone you trust with every ounce of your being? Who’s been there for you time and time again? If you have people that come to mind when thinking about this, don’t ever let them go, you just won the jackpot.

Thank you to my good friends reading this, you know who you are!


Published by

Megan Keough

20something blogger from Philly voicing my thoughts on the real world, life after college and the trials and tribulations of adulting.

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